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Festival de Cannes

Celebrating luxury with Campari and inclusivity with Outlyer

As a team, we successfully tackled the challenge of managing two diverse clients at the same time - Campari, the official drink of the Cannes Film Festival, and Outlyer, an acting agency for the differently abled. To deliver for both, we developed a comprehensive content strategy based on their unique event schedules, ensuring a seamless coverage of their activities.

For Campari, we highlighted the theme of women in film and provided extensive coverage of the Campari night, the company's flagship event.

On the other hand, we worked closely with Outlyer to create engaging pre-production teasers, production messaging centered around their goals, and post-production reels of their launch event. Our coverage also included vox pops and future event goals for Outlyer.

Overall, we successfully delivered for both clients by tailoring our content and approach to their specific needs and goals.

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