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Global Citizen Forum | WEF

The World Economic Forum focuses on global citizenship and climate change, and Global Citizen Forum is leading this conversation

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland is widely regarded as the pinnacle of success for those seeking to establish a positive reputation and network with the world's most influential individuals. The Global Citizen Forum shares this goal, and as their esteemed media agency, we were entrusted with the critical task of broadcasting their endeavours to their key investors.

Over the course of three exhilarating days, we expertly managed the live streaming of each panel, and conducted exclusive interviews with some of the most prominent figures in the industry. Amidst a palpable sense of excitement, distinguished personalities including Tony Blair and Wesley Snipes graced us with their presence. Thanks to our established relationships with these luminaries and our longstanding dedication to nurturing the Global Citizen Forum's brand, we were able to navigate the event with ease and assemble a comprehensive content library for dissemination across all their social media channels.

In addition to managing the live streaming of every panel and conducting exclusive interviews with key players, our media agency ensured that we covered all touchpoints and provided a comprehensive overview of the entire event. By capturing the energy and excitement of each moment, we were able to deliver a complete and engaging experience for the Global Citizen Forum's investors and audience.

Our extensive network of media relations, particularly with prominent celebrities like Wesley Snipes, played a critical role in our success. With their support, we were able to generate significant buzz around the Global Citizen Forum's participation in the event, driving heightened interest and engagement across social media platforms.

Notably, this was our second World Economic Forum event, and our prior experience allowed us to approach the assignment with the benefit of hindsight and expertise. We were able to optimise our strategies, streamline our operations, and deliver even greater value for the Global Citizen Forum. As a result, we have solidified our position as the go-to media agency for global events of this magnitude.

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