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The blockchain-based gaming platform by Digital Entertainment Asset

JobTribes by PlayMining is a revolutionary Play & Earn game that has taken the Japanese gaming scene by storm, and now the company is all set to expand to the rest of the world. As part of the global team, our mission was to create a comprehensive strategy to capture our target audience and ensure that JobTribes becomes a global sensation.

Given the startup nature of the company, we took a more holistic approach to the project and each team member took on multiple roles to ensure that our objectives were achieved. Our efforts were focused on organizing key events across every South East Asian country, including sponsoring prominent events like the Token2049 and Philippines Web3 Festival. In each country, we also made sure to interact with our existing gaming community to build rapport and foster relationships.

To create a well-rounded branding strategy, we covered all touchpoints, from online to offline channels. We crafted a comprehensive creative strategy to showcase the good that JobTribes is doing, from creating case studies of our players to highlighting key events. We ensured that the content was outputted through all available channels, including social media platforms, email campaigns, and video content.

Moreover, we organized Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions for curious viewers to learn more about the groundbreaking technology that drives the brand. Other series includes live streaming game competitions and giveaways. These sessions allowed us to engage with our audience directly and build a loyal community of fans. We also worked closely with the Japan marketing team to align our messaging and ensure that our branding strategy was consistent across all touchpoints.

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